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About Us

woman carrying her babyIn Loving Arms Pediatric Day Health Center makes use of a new concept of care: Specialized Care that is a combination of Skilled Nursing, Education and Therapy.

Our focus is on providing compassionate and personalized care for children with medically-fragile health conditions. Our team of nurses, therapists and early childhood education specialists are trained to handle various cases with the utmost precision, dedication and competence.

Health Services will be administered in a child-friendly environment, likened to a day care setting. There is daily transportation provided as well. We seek ways to comprehensively address their dynamic health needs at our medical care facility that is set-up to be conducive in treating young patients.

If you are a parent who is looking for quality child health care, please don’t hesitate to call In Loving Arms Pediatric Day Health Center at 225-359-9777. Our nurses and care coordinators will be ready to address any questions you may have. We are here to provide your child with the very best care!